"Unclaimed" ERTC Now Available
Before They Expire!

UNCLAIMED Employer Pandemic Wages Assistance From 2020-2021 Is "NOW" Available


Small - Medium Size Business Now Qualify, LLCs, Sole Proprietors 

Small Companies from Sole Proprietors to Small to Medium Companies Qualify as long as they US Based and Pay Their Taxes, Pay W2 Workers at least 2 or more, Cash or Check and Trust God for the Rest.


Medium - Large Companies, Sub-Contactors, Agencies

Medium-Sized Businesses who often hire many laborers or sub's often qualify for Larger disbursements than they think, especially if they pay their worker's cask or by check per job, as long as their employees have SS#'s & pay their own taxes.


Large Companies, Non-Profits, Schools/Institutions, Franchises

Many of these larger institutions were particularly hurt by the COVID mandates, lockdowns, and stresses, even Non-Profits, Private Schools & Franchises now qualify for Corporate Relief Funds, COVID Paycheck Relief is here! 

In 2020 Our Great President Donald Trump Wrote Into Executive Order Trillions of Dollars of COVID Relief Stimulus of Various Types. Many People Received the Individual Stimulus Checks, Yet Much of the Funds Allocated Because of Congressional Restrictions Never Got Into the Hands of Small, Medium-Sized Start and Struggling Start-Up Businesses, Non-Profits, or Individual Small Contractors, But Ended Up In the Hands of fraudsters, Multi-Millionaires and Larger Banker Referred Megacorperations Instead!


Under President Donald Trump a much lesser-known program was simultaneously rolled Individual Stimulus Checks and the PPP, known as the ERTC or Employee Retention Credit. Due to Strick Qualifiers and even More Burdening Application Processes, the Largest Portions of These Funds were either Unclaimed or Expired Leaving Over 100 Billion of Unclaimed Relief Funds "Up For Grabs!"


President Trump Vowed Before Leaving Office He Would Not Only Seize These Funds Back But Would Make Sure They Got Into the Hands of the People Intended From The First and That Is Exactly What He Did. Agents and Specific Agencies Contacted and Licensed With The Department of Treasury, have been Mandated to Disperse These Seized and Unclaimed Funds Into the Hands of Deserving Taxing Employers, (In Excess of $100 Billion), Into your Hands Dear Patriots Before They Expire or are Exhausted.

December 31st, 2021 ALL RESTRICTIONS Were Lifted and Basically Any Entity, Company, Corporation, Charity or Organization of Two or More Employees (Up to 500 Workers) of Any Race, Sex or Age (As Long As They File Their Taxes) Even Undocumented or Cash Employees, as long as they received a W2 or a W4 and Suffered Some Distress Finacial, Psychological or Spiritual, Qualifies For Payroll Replacement Funds Paid to the Employer or their Financial Representative. 

A Team of Federally Licenced and Contracted Tax Accountants and Tax Attorneys Led by Ken Pablano of Tax Incentive Agency Inc Teamed Up with Dr. Peter Colla and "Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla" to Bring The Message to Regular American Small Businesses, Small W2 Employers, and Salt Of The Earth to Try to Get This Money Into the Hands of "People Whom It Was Really Intended" Before the Big Companies Swoop It All Up or the Funds Expire.


Don't Be Foolish, the Current Administration Has No Desires for these Funds to be Dispersed before Expiring, and perhaps, for this reason, hasn't even bothered to update the site, regarding the lifting of restrictions since they were ordered. Our team at Tax Incentive Agency Inc and Dr. Peter is determined to get these funds into the hands of those who deserve them Before Time Runs Out!


Perhaps Your Would Like To Contact Experts On Our Team Whom Themselves Have Experienced The Benefits Of Our Presidents Program


Dr Anna Colla

Dr Health & Wellness